The future is bright for our Historic Downtown!

Develop New Albany was founded in 1990 by community-minded individuals and local business leaders. The leadership of Develop New Albany focuses the organization on the economic revitalization, historic preservation, and promotion of our Historic Downtown. As a volunteer-based organization, Develop New Albany accomplishes this mission by adhering to the tenants of the National and Indiana Main Street models, which focus on the areas of economic restructuring, design, promotion, and organization.

In the past, many Downtown businesses have struggled to survive while many Historic Downtown buildings sat empty and some of the businesses migrated out of the downtown area to new locations in the suburbs. Our many historic building facades could provide only a fading glimpse to what was for more than 150 years, a thriving Downtown. Downtown New Albany was an industrial centre and Indiana's largest city for a period of more than 30 years during the 1800's.

This is certainly not an uncommon story across the state and across the country. Historic Downtown areas with diminishing tax bases, boarded up buildings, deteriorating infrastructure and most significantly a general apathy to do anything about it. It's unfortunately all too common.

Through the efforts of volunteers in our community, the leadership of our Board of Directors and working in partnership with local government officials, Downtown New Albany is alive with new businesses, restaurants and retail stores. In the past 5 years more than 90 new businesses have moved into downtown New Albany and the vast majority of those businesses being locally owned and operated.   

We need your support to keep up the Downtown Momentum!

Develop New Albany's operating capital consists of funds generated from annual memberships, individual donations and community fundraisers. Develop New Albany’s annual fundraisers, such as Exclusively New Albany, Historic Home Tour and JingleWalk/HolidayFest.  These events generate financial support for a variety of downtown programs.

If you appreciate and recognize the continued development and revitalization of our historic community, we would like to invite you to join as a Member of Develop New Albany and maybe even consider becoming a volunteer.   We ask your assistance in inviting your family and friends to visit shop and explore what's new in our Historic Downtown.


Hey, Keep In Touch!

Keep in Touch with the exciting changes coming to Downtown New Albany

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